Is Global Warming a real problem?

The global warming issue can be approached in many ways , so we must choose a method for submission . The other aspects can be developed in the comments.

Basically there are two groups of people , those who argue that the phenomenon is real and those who deny it . Among those who believe in the existence of this phenomenon , there are two main groups , the deniers in the interest of ideological and serious skeptics were not convinced by the evidence.
Global Warming
Is there global warming? Is there sufficient evidence for it ?  Are we still in time to stop this process or not? Is it a man-made phenomenon or is, for example , the result of terrestrial solar cycles or “normal” ? Can we adapt to its effects or will be damaged heavily in – for example – a drastic reduction of the world population , and there is nothing to do about it ?
There are things that attract attention , such as that being Australia liberal and modern country , is both one of the world’s highest polluters per capita.

It seems very clear that there is ice in glaciers that are rapidly disappearing . We see pictures of ” before and after” constantly , that make us think that it is undisputed that , at least , is happening.

China , which is constantly demonized by the U.S., is the most dynamic country in finding and implementing solutions among large . Clearly that is located between applied science and technology to solve development problems without interrupting it.

And the consequences of just this aspect of the process is very important and were illustrated by Jack in the previous thread when he referred to the possible disruption of the North Atlantic conveyor belt . With that only Britain has Siberian climate is enough to create a huge global financial crisis . Just remember the damage to the world economy that led to the American subprime crisis . The effect on GDP of a country as important as Britain is orders of magnitude more serious. London has the largest currency market in the world, the largest reinsurance market and one of the largest capital markets.

The already disastrous situation of the seas will become much worse with the disappearance of coral , true incubators of thousands of species of fish.

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