Climate Changes and global warming alert

According to the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the UN, the Earth’s temperature will rise more than two degrees Celsius by 2100, does not materialize an aggressive mitigation policy, then you can not stop the global warming and its devastating consequences. The report by 831 scientists from 85 countries, said that climate change is “real, is happening now and humans have caused most of it.”

Scientists have almost 100% certainty that human activity is responsible for the majority of global warming since 1951. The sea level rise has accelerated, the extent and volume of snow and ice extent have decreased, the melting of glaciers and ice sheets is much faster, while the oceans warm and acidify. Mexico, meanwhile, has witnessed the increase in the frequency and duration of droughts, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters linked to climate.

If carbon dioxide emissions are doubled, the increase in temperature is three degrees Celsius, a premise that remains from the 2007 report. In the best scenario, scientists consider it possible that the temperature could rise 1.5 degrees, while in the worst case, the temperature could rise to 4.5 degrees, which would be “catastrophic for people and the planet.”

Santiago de la Peña, a scientist at Ohio State University, and lead investigator of a NASA project, has indicated that the climatic situation of global warming we saw in Mexico with the recent storms that flooded coastal states in the Pacific and the Atlantic.

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